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Writing these stories about our adventures as a family is something that I've been wanting to do for a long time, and I finally found a way that I want to portray this to my future generations. A momma blog! So, this is me, Natali, and I'm a new momma to Aria and a wifey to my hunky hubby, Mitch.

Hunky Hubby, Mitch


This guy is my ride or die. I love him to eternity and beyond. He is the best dad, the best husband, and most of all, the best example of a God-loving man I've ever met. However, he has a wild side. He's a raving basketball fan, and he loves anything adventurous. Hiking, fishing, camping, you name it! I love how perfect we are for each other, as imperfect as we are.

Baby Girl Aria


Aria is our sweet little addition to the family. The year 2019 was a hard one to say the least. Nonetheless, it brought us Aria, and she is perfect in every way! She is such a happy baby and I couldn't love those giggles of hers any more. She has such a bright spirit and is an equally bright light in our lives every single day. We LOVE her.


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