☾ #MomLife Right?

☾ #MomLife Right?

☾ #MomLife Right?☾ #MomLife Right?☾ #MomLife Right?

A momma's highlight REAL.

Hellooo, GORGEOUS!

This is a personal blog, so it means that there's a lot of stuff in here that might be useless and uninteresting to most people, but it's important to me. However, some of the stuff on here is pretty good and there's a lot of great content for new momma's, being that I just turned into one myself. Cheers, loves!

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Giving Birth to our Little Aria Skye


Giving birth to a child is no joke, my friends. It was so cool to be a part of the process of God's creation, though. I loved every second of bringing our baby girl into the world... 

Pregnancy VS Birth


Am I the only one that really thought that giving birth was just as hard as the pregnancy part? I loved it, but...

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